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Give A Hand. Change A Life.

WhatGives is a community of people working together to make society stronger and greater.

A small set back can change the course of a life. Money for a new car battery can keep someone employed. The cost of one semester’s books can keep someone in class. A piece of equipment could jump start a new business. It doesn’t take much to do much.

WhatGives exists to provide financial assistance to individuals in times of crisis, focusing on employment and education.

We believe that many individuals are one small financial crisis away from negatively impacting their ability to obtain or maintain employment, education or training. Together, we believe we can change this!

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Sustaining Education

At WhatGives, we believe that education and training are critical, not only to society as a whole, but to each of us as individuals. Whether it be a payment that allows a student to stay in school and finish his/her degree, or a payment to fix a car that enables a student to drive to their work training, WhatGives intends to be a resource that can connect those in need with people who also believe in the powerful impact of education.

Sustaining Employment

WhatGives’ second focus area for funding is in areas that affect an individual’s ability to either obtain or maintain employment due to some crisis that impacts them financially.

We know that for many people, employment stability can be interrupted by a simple stroke of bad luck. We want to be the conduit for these hard-working individuals and help them through the crisis so that they can continue to provide for their family and be an integral part of society.