Daniel’s Story: A teacher, a family, and a debilitating stroke that has left him unable to work full-time

A trusted and referred member of our community needs your help. Daniel suffered a mini-stroke on March 11th of this year and has suffered with a series of health battles since 2023 and has been hospitalized on four separate occasions. Daniel is employed as a teacher in Wake County and has a family that relies on his paycheck to get by. Like many individuals, his paycheck just covers his monthly expenses like daycare, rent, utilities and food. WhatGives is trying [Read More...]

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Christina’s Story: A single mom affected by domestic violence

Christina and her two small children have been negatively effected by domestic violence.  Christina works full time and takes hers children to daycare.  With only one car and one breadwinner, her car is her lifeline to work. We are trying to raise $1,133 to pay for the repairs for Christina's car so that she can get it running. With her car repaired, Christina will be able to get back and forth to work and transport her children to daycare. [Read More...]