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Lisa’s Story

Hi, I really could use some help.   The car that I use for work and school completely broke down and I am still trying to finish the repairs.  My rent has increased recently and my emotional support animal has been to the vet for a few emergencies, now [Read More...]

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Beverly’s Story

Hi. I am hoping to obtain a grant for $536 so that I can take the final two classes necessary for my degree in Program Management at WakeTech Community College. My need arises due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and this has inhibited my [Read More...]

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Mariah’s Story

About 6 months ago my 2008 Honda Accord starting making a clicking sound whenever I turned. I took it to my friends mechanic and was told both of my CV joints were going out. The estimate was $2234 but I have a friend willing to lend me $500 and [Read More...]

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