Our experience with charitable giving is one where money goes from the donor to the recipient without any real intimacy between the two parties.  The donor gives money to a charity and the charity typically purchases something (meals, clothes, beds) to help the person or persons in need.

At WhatGives, we want to be more than a conduit for money flowing from the donor to the recipient.  Instead, we want to create a community of individuals that may not exactly know each other but who are linked through our Trust Circles.  This means that someone within our community has direct and intimate knowledge of someone else in need.  By linking people together through WhatGives we believe that a donor’s resources will be better utilized because we are giving within our community.

At WhatGives we think fairly big. and we believe that we are at the beginning of a groundswell of support for what we are doing.  Why do we think this?  Well, because we have seen first hand the power of knowing how we helped and how we helped them.  But at WhatGives it doesn’t stop with the donation and the distribution of the grant.  We follow up with the applicant and make sure that they are doing well and progressing forward with their training, education, or employment.  We also update our entire WhatGives community about our members, letting them know when one of our own accomplishes something as a result of our and your support.

Everyone wants to belong to something.  We can think of no better place than at WhatGives, where we support each other and strive to get people educated, trained and employed.

Come join our community and see it for yourself first hand.  Drop us an email at contactus@whatgivesnc.org and we would be happy to send more information.