Hello. I am reaching out to you to see if you can help me financially so that I can get my car fixed.  Unfortunately, I have no family and no support net.

I’m a single mother of three and am trying to find help so that I can get my car repaired.  The total is about $1250 and I know you may can’t help me with that large amount but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Here’s a little bit of my story.

I was working a temporary  job with RemX Specialty Staffing but my assignment ended and I am now waiting on another.  In the meantime I was doing doing food deliveries for DoorDash and Takeout Central but this is no longer an option with my car broken down.

A week ago Chime closed my bank account for no reason at all I’ve been going back and forth trying to get them to reopen my account. I didn’t have much money in the account but I did have some saved up to help me with the auto repairs and now it is gone. And I cannot do that if I don’t have my car.

My son hasn’t been to daycare in over two weeks. My kids are running out of clothes to wear to school because I cannot get to the laundromat. I am doing all I can but I am at my limits

Any support would help me get my car fixed.  I am also reaching out to friends and people I know.   Thank you.