I am writing on behalf of Cecilia, who only speaks Spanish. With her permission, Im completing this application for her, to help assist with the language barrier. I am a local elementary school teacher, trying to help support this family. Cecilia contracted the virus and was out of work for 3 weeks, with no leave time or pay compensation from her employer. After she was cleared to return to work, she was still suffering from the side effects of the virus and having a difficult time feeling like herself again. She was experiencing fatigue and lack of energy. Once she was able to return to work, the babysitter who lived with them moved back to her native country. Cecilia had to find another babysitter for her infant son. This also affected her ability to work, as she was not able to find reliable childcare that she can afford. There was an accident with a new caregiver, the baby choked, turned purple, and the ambulance had to be called to save him. Cecilia lessened her hours at work, so she could be home to take care of the baby. Shortly after, she broke her leg while at work when an iron gate fell on her. Her employer is not helping her, not compensating her, and she has since had to secure a lawyer to fight for her medical needs, from an injury resulting in her workplace. She is still out of work and has no money to pay rent or bills. I have this family signed up at a local food pantry to receive food once a month, but it is still not enough. I also have collected donations for diapers and wipes for the baby. This family is in desperate need of help. Please consider this family to receive a grant to help them pay rent and bills. They have had a rough couple of months and are struggling tremendously. They would be so gracious to receive help of this kind. Thank you for what you are doing to support our local community.