We have seen the impact of Covid on our community and our community has felt it firsthand.  Whether it is

…the mother of 3 who came to us looking for funding because she had lost 3 jobs due to Covid shutdowns.

…. or the young man working and paying for his education that was laid off from a part-time dishwasher job that he was using to pay for his school.

….or the young lady going to community college who couldn’t attend due to the pandemic and needed money for a computer.

….or the young lady who was unable to continue her education because she could not afford a computer to be able to continue virtual learning.

These are not stories on TV
These are not stories happening far away.
These are not “inconveniences”.

These are our sons, our daughters, children of our friends and family members of good, honest, hardworking people that unfortunately….

Were impacted by Covid-19.

Every one of our grants thus far has been a result of the financial impact of Covid-19.  We are thankful to our donors who have helped these individuals get through a tough period that could have been make or break for each of them.

We have seen how even as little as $200 to one person can be a lifeline back to education.

Do you know someone impacted by Covid? If they need help with a crisis affecting education, training, or employment, let them know about www.whatgivesnc.org.

Want to help out and make a difference?  Drop us a line at contactus@whatgivesnc.org or donate at https://whatgivesnc.org/want-to-help/

Let’s help each other get through Covid.