Good evening friends…..I am a junior at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC.  My father recently passed and I stepped up and decided to start a pressure washing business in Kipling NC to support my mom and my siblings.

My mom is sick with Lupus and I have been working almost a month trying to build clients while taking online and night courses. However 2 nights ago an electric fire started when lint got into our dryer plug . It burnt the utility room and garage. We were able to save the other part of out home but all my supplies that I had to do my work were destroyed in the garage.  Since mom got sick and the house is payed off we didn’t have insurance. I need about $3000 worth of supplies but what I am asking you for today is the money to purchase an industrial power washer.. The cheapest one i can locate that is suitable to clean the homes is almost $1200 dollars

I have no other income source now because I was laid off durning COVID from American Airlines.  I just got these clients and cant afford to cancel because I need to build my new company up.

Thank you for your wonderful outreach program!