I unexpectedly had to pay a balance on my daughter’s college tuition but still owe $2000 and the school has put a hold on her account until it’s paid. She cannot register for classes for next semester until the balance is paid. Registration started 2 weeks ago so classes are filling up fast. She has scholarships for Spring semester so we’re good there. We just have to get remaining fall balance taken care of so she can continue toward her degree.

During the pandemic I was not able to work due to low work flow. Unemployment ran out in September. I have been able to start working again but I’ve had to learn a new contract. (I’m a medical transcriptionist). She is really thriving and it would crush us both if she has to drop out because I can’t get this final amount paid.

Thanks for considering us.

Amt. Needed: $2,000 for college tuition

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“At the point where I decided to reach out for help, we didn’t have any other options. It’s just the 3 of us (me, (D) and my son) with no family to speak of. I had to put my pride in my pocket and talk to (referrer). I was in tears worrying about having to tell (D) she would have to leave school because I couldn’t pay the remaining balance. I mean really sick to my stomach. But even after talking to (referrer) I still didn’t believe all of the remaining balance would be covered, or covered in time. I had to take some deep breaths every time I thought about it, and tell myself it was going to be okay. And, I had to keep my worry from showing so (D) wouldn’t be stressed. I just wanted her I focus on her classes, and most of all not give up because she was thinking it was hopeless. Sooooo, when I received the email that the money was being sent, I broke down. (D) was in class so I sent her a copy of the email. She left class to call me, crying.

So, a little background. (D) applied at Campbell, thinking she would never get in. Not only did she get in, but she received scholarships to cover 98% of her tuition. The biggest scholarship is an academic scholarship so she had to maintain a certain grade point average. She started her freshman semester after not being in school for almost 6 months prior to starting because as we all know, schools shut down in March 2020 because of COVID-19.  So she struggled a little her freshman year. During the summer after her freshman year when she received her financial aid info, and we found out she temporarily lost her academic scholarship for her upcoming sophomore fall semester and I would have to pay cash to cover the rest of the tuition. But she would get the scholarship back if she brought her grade up, which she has done. I was able to make the 1st $1500 payment, but my workflow has been low due to COVID-19 so I was struggling with the remaining balance.

(D) is pursuing her Bachelors degree in healthcare social work which is kind of an indirect route to nursing. Her goal is to work in the hospital setting as a social worker, then pursue her nursing degree. I do have 3 years of college but did not finish after dropping out after my mother got sick and passed away. My son graduated from UNC Pembroke with a degree in Chemistry/Biology.

Again, we would like to say thank you. I’ve attached a thank you we put together.”

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