We are trying to raise $1,300 to help Jenny pay for maintenance on her car and to help her pay forĀ tags, title, and an emissions test.

Please read her story below:

My fiancee, who is also the father of my child, went into cardiac arrrest at home on 5/30/22.

He has a moderate to severe anoxic brain injury that is progressing. He has been taken off life support and is being transferred to hospice.

I need a catalytic converter and a transmission mount. I also need to get tags, title, and pass an emissions test. I currently work a full time job along with taking classes at night. My family is devastated! Apparently he has a genetic heart disease as well as coronary artery disease that he was not aware of.

I was totally un prepared especially considering I have to have a hip replacement in a few months. I start my 2nd job on Tuesday and I will have to work 2 jobs until I can get caught up with all these bills. It seems so sureal to me.

Thanks so much and God Bless.