I’m a single mother of a 10 year old girl and during covid we lost our home, new vehicle, and everything that was in our home. We became homeless and had to move into a extended stay hotel in Garner. We stayed there for several months until a gun battle occurred as we were walking to our room. It shook me and my daughter so bad we had to relocate to Smithfield. I started a job I love several month’s ago working with animals and my daughter finally found a school she loves. Last month my 97 tahoo broke down. I spend over 2000 getting my transission worked on and still needs a new battery and starter before I can get it back on the road. I have been walking a mile to work and most days I can find a ride home. Forking out money for my transmission was a huge financial setback and we feel behind on our weekly rent that was due Friday. After pleading with the owner Friday she agreed to give me a few days to pay. I only get paid twice a month so I won’t gave a check until next week. If we become homeless I will have to go to homeless shelter in Raleigh and lose my job,a job that will help with my long term career goal. I have never had a job that I actually like going to and find it therapeutic working with the animals. Also I attend Central Carolina Community College pursuing a Veterinarian Medical tech degree. This is my first semester and I am able to take my classes online since I’m only taking core classes now. I need 400 in order to not have to go to the homeless shelter.