My name is Jordan*, I am reaching out in hope of receiving financial assistance. I was recently offered a position at Duke University Hospital working as an EMT in the Emergency Department.

I was supposed to start on April 24th, but, unfortunately they had to move my start date to May 22nd. I had already resigned from my previous job and Duke gave me a late notification on having to move my start date.   I had previously worked as a medical assistant in medical transport and did not make enough to build a savings. The finances of my gap in employment have been offset due to this.

Cynthia at Caring Connections Ministry has been a tremendous help and mentor in my life. She has always been a cheerleader in my life and has helped me in so many ways. She has encouraged me to take another big step, which is to advance my career to pursue my passion to become a paramedic.

I will be starting paramedic school May 4th. The ministry has been able to cover the cost of my books. The cost of school and personal finances has become overwhelming. I will not get my first paycheck until June 16th. I understand and recognize that you would not be able to assist in all financial cost. I would be truly grateful for any financial assistance that you may be able to cover for these upcoming expenses. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

*applicants first name withheld upon request