Four months ago a drunk driver ran a red light and hit my wife and I in the passenger side door on the way to take my wife to work one night. Our car was totaled and being it was an older Malibu with a lot of miles on it the insurance company only gave us $1100 for it. I detail cars for a living and my boss was able to find me a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country van for 1000 which I purchased with the insurance money right after our Malibu was totaled. Yesterday I went to start it and it wouldn’t start. My boss sent a friend of his who’s a retired mechanic to look at it and unfortunately it has a blown head gasket. I have priced around and the cheapest I can find to have it repaired is $1250(labor $950/parts $300). Being my wife is still suffering the injuries from the accident and she won’t be able to return to work per her doctor for another 5 months I am now the sole provider. We have 3 children including one with cerebral palsy.

We have already fallen behind on our rent and other bills to the point I just got a night janitorial job that I’m supposed to start Monday. Without a running vehicle I have had to miss work yesterday and today and won’t be able to start my second job Monday. I have no living family and my wife’s family can not help either. I applied for a small loan but with no credit and only my income I was denied.

I know $1250 is a substantial amount to ask for but whatever you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Im so worried that this could leave my family homeless and makes me feel less than as a man and completely powerless.

Amount Needed: $1,250