Hi, I am applying for a grant of $620.  The reason I needs is

I am a student at wake technical community college. I am homeless and have been homeless for the past 2 years I was forced out of my home when I turned 18 by my stepmother and slept in my car in the front yard for a year yeah going to friends houses to take showers and use the bathroom I would go to friend’s house’s until I was able to get a job and pay weekly rate at cheapest motels in Raleigh I could afford. I never established any credit or rental history and didn’t make enough income to qualify for an apartment without a cosignor which my father and stepmother refused and I didn’t have enough money to pay an extra security deposit when last I applied in January. I asking for help now because my hotel room was broken into and things stolen from my room. I’ve been here since october 2021. I no longer feel safe here.
Yesterday I applied for an apartment that has individual leases and a rate I can afford with my income at Walmart. I was approved with conditions. I still need to pay first and last month’s rent as deposit without credit or guarantor. That’s $1280. If I pay this week’s hotel rent I’ll only have $710 to go towards fees to move in and will need $570. Next week my car payment is due and sadly I can’t miss another payment or it’ll go into repossession. So I can’t use next weeks paycheck for this amount I’m asking for. I just want to get into my own safe space and feel settled, alleviate some of the stress of being displaced and the sadness of zero family support. I want to focus on classes and making a better life for me. Please help if you’re able. Thank you.