Amount Needed:  $375

I am studying to be a paramedic and am now in my 2nd semester of college.  I am asking for a grant for $375 so that I can pay for access to FISDAP, which is an online platform used to document skills and patient encounters (real and simulated).  Please see my story below:

When the pandemic hit, my family and I were evicted from our place of residence. We had to find a temporary place to stay until we found a more permanent situation and this left my family and I struggling with funds to live. For several months we had to pay $500 every week, along with keeping up with other expenses such as travel, food, medical, etc. During this time I also started college and struggled trying to pay for the things I needed for my classes. Now that we have found a more permanent residence we are still struggling to recoup from our losses and any unexpected expenses we endured.

Thank you for any help your organization can provide.

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