About 6 months ago my 2008 Honda Accord starting making a clicking sound whenever I turned. I took it to my friends mechanic and was told both of my CV joints were going out. The estimate was $2234 but I have a friend willing to lend me $500 and I can swing a couple hundred. I was laid off from COVID for most of last year and fell behind on everything. I am still behind on my rent and I am on the verge of eviction. I did just get a great paying new job in Asheboro starting the in September but if I can’t get my car fixed I won’t be able to start. I have three small children and their father passed away from difficulties caused by COVID. If you could help me in anyway I would be forever grateful. I have no other help. I have reached out to several churches and agencies but they only help with housing and utilities

Amt. Needed: $1,400 to repair car 100