Hi, my name is Marquita and I am a single mom of four. I just recently had to go part time on my job because I am the only adult in my family that can care for my elderly grandmother.  This has really put stress on me and my 4 children because my earning potential is significantly reduced.

I am currently struggling financially to keep up with my car maintenance & this is my only transportation. I use my car to take my kids back and forth to school/camp & also to get back and forth to work & take my grandma to appointments.

Currently the shocks/Struts are gone on my truck and this has caused a lot of wear on my tires.  I have had 2 estimates and both places have told me I need to get my tires replaced and my front brakes repaired.

I do not have many options for financial assistance so if there is a way you could help we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.