Amount Needed: $500

Reina is a mother of 2 children, one in middle school and a baby of 10 months. Reina is currently employed as a janitor at a manufacturing facility near Raleigh, NC.

Reina is having trouble balancing the financial needs of her family while continuing to work at a lower-paying job.

Reina currently pays $25/day for childcare for her two children while she works and pays $50/month for internet in order for her middle school daughter to attend online classes during Covid.

Our goal is to provide a grant to Reina for $500 to get her moving in the right direction.  The $500 will be used for the following:
1.  $400 for internet continuation for 8 months (until the school year ends)
2. $100 for school supplies for her daughter due to mandatory in-person schooling beginning next week.

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