Hello, I am a student at Wake Technical College and I am applying for a grant for $603.

We have 2 college aged kids in our house and our mom. I work part-time at a local restaurant to ease the financial burden a bit. My brother also works part time while going to school.  Unfortunately, my mom has been sick for 2 months and we are unable to make ends meet and for me to pay my final semester tuition.

My mom has been sick and on leave without pay for almost 2 months but we were covered by short term disability.  Unfortunately, STD expired and my brother and I had to use our work money to pay for my moms medical treatments.

My need is $603.44 to cover my balance for registration, books, etc. I will not be able to get finaid until my mom is well enough to go into an appointment and do IRS identity verification to release tax refund holds from February.   This would help me tremendously pay for tuition and books and complete enrollment. I am hoping to transfer in spring if I can pay this and complete the final classes of my associates this fall.