I am currently struggling to find housing due to covid-19. My lease is up technically on the 31st of August but I have gotten my landlord to agree to letting me get a extra 30 days to find housing and stay where I’m at if I pay the whole month of September. I have a one year old and haven’t been able to find a stable job due to covid. I am currently a student at wake tech community college where I participate in Fostering Bright Futures. Everything has been really hard on me lately being a single mom and not receiving government assistance. I really hope that you guys will be able to help me out and give me a head start so I can start working next week and save up some money for a security deposit and first/last months rent for a new apartment. If you guys would like to talk more because I know it’s weird trying to learn a person virtually or through paper. You can feel free to give me a call.