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Scott’s Story

Our families negative situation started in November of 2020 when our rental townhouse burnt down.  Unknowingly my rental insurance had lapsed during Covid and I struggled to find a suitable job. I am currently a month behind on rent and need to figure that out ($1795) and get new [Read More...]

Alexis’s Story

My name's Alexis, I'm a 22 year old Wake Tech student looking to pursue a degree in nursing. I have lived on my own from the age of 16 due to an abusive home situation and went on to become an emancipated minor. Since then, I've supported myself through [Read More...]

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Kendall’s Story

Four months ago a drunk driver ran a red light and hit my wife and I in the passenger side door on the way to take my wife to work one night. Our car was totaled and being it was an older Malibu with a lot of miles on [Read More...]

Kunthea’s Story

Hi, I work as a caregiver and can not get enough hours to support myself. I use Uber to get to work because my job isn't on the bus line anymore which is in Cary. I recently experienced an eviction from my apartment in June and I am staying [Read More...]

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Aja’s Story

Hello, I am part of the Fostering Bright Futures program at Wake Technical Community College and I am trying to get my driver's license so that I can start working.  Unfortunately, I don't have a family to help me learn and therefore I will need to spend some time [Read More...]

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Stevie’s Story

My name is Stevie and my hours were reduced durning covid and I have fallen behind on my truck payment. I am a single father and also attend school after work to ensure a better future. I am 3 payments behind on my truck which is almost completely paid off. [Read More...]

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Selina’s Story

I have recently faced homelessness due to an illegal eviction from my previous landlord. I have been staying at a hotel with my almost 2 year old daughter for the last 3 months up until April 27, 2021. I was working consistently for the last year until I was laid [Read More...]

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Martha’s Story

Hi, I was furloughed for several months from my job at xyz.  I have been called back to work now but when  I went to renew my tags and during the inspection they found out that my catalytic convertor is bad. I won't be able to start back today [Read More...]

C’s Story

Hi, I am going through a situation where I’m a current student who’s homeless sleeping house to house at the moment I got removed from my apartment. Being that I’m almost finished with my clinicals and my savings have run out I really have no money and won’t be able [Read More...]


Amount needed: $200.00 Hello, my name is Nasharra and I am studying at Wake Technical Community College. I need assistance to buy a computer for school and be able to continue studying. My previous computer caught a virus and is not working properly. Thank you so much for your [Read More...]

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